The Ocean-Climate Nexus – The critical role of ocean science in responding to climate change

In the context of the upcoming United Nations climate change talks (COP21), the Forum aims to deliver a voice from the marine research community to key stakeholders on the critical role of ocean science as part of the societal response to climate change as well as to outline the key research priorities on climate and ocean in a European context. The Forum will bring together scientists, policymakers, NGOs, think tanks and European institutions for whom ocean science and climate change is high on the agenda.

The Forum objectives are to:

  • Highlight the key role of the ocean in climate regulation and climate change
  • Highlight the impacts of climate change in the marine environment and associated socio-economic consequences;
  • Emphasize the key role of marine science in guiding the societal response to climate change:
    supporting predictions of future changes
    tracking and understanding the changes taking place
    identifying potential tipping points
    informing strategies for mitigation and adaptation
  • Identify and communicate the key research priorities in the scope of Ocean and Climate which should be supported at European level.

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