EMSO ERIC contributes to the development of innovative products and services to foster the economic and social growth of the Blue Economy.

The study of the ocean requires a variety of observations and multidisciplinary approach, the main mission of EMSO ERIC is to provide added value to the data obtained, based on the development of knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, to a wide range of Industrial Stakeholders operating in different sectors such as: aquaculture; environmental monitoring; fisheries; transport; border control; customs and defence; energy; manufacturing; canning industry; analytics, telecommunications, maritime planning of the territory.

This includes both large and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that require high quality ocean data for their business and/or direct access to Marine Test Sites for validation and demonstration of new concepts and prototypes.

In order to support this Vision and Mission EMSO ERIC has established a General Strategy and a  comprehensive Business Plan co-designed in close cooperation with relevant marine and maritime research centres in Europe and major industrial players. This base document describes a dedicated Innovation link strategy.

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