The European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column Observatory (EMSO) aims to explore the oceans, to gain a better understanding of phenomena happening within and below them, and to explain the critical role that these phenomena play in the broader Earth systems.

EMSO consists in a system of regional facilities placed at key sites around Europe, from North East to the Atlantic, through the Mediterranean, to the Black Sea. Observatories are platforms equipped with multiple sensors, placed along the water column and on the seafloor. They constantly measure different biogeochemical and physical parameters, that address natural hazards, climate change and marine ecosystems.

EMSO offers data and services to a large and diverse group of users, from scientists and industries to institutions and policy makers. It is an extraordinary infrastructure to provide relevant information for defining environmental policies based on scientific data.

EMSO is a consortium of partners sharing in a common strategic framework scientific facilities (data, instruments, computing and storage capacity). Formally it is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC), legal framework created for pan-European large-scale research infrastructures.

EMSO achieved the Certification of Compliance to ISO 9001:2015 standard for the “Design, coordination, and development of environmental research activities on seafloor and water-column”


– Provide deep sea high quality, long term time series
– Develop technology for sensors, communications, offshore operations
– Attract scientist, technicians, managers and industries
– Collaborate with European and International Organization and Institution (specifically in EOOS and GEOOSS)
– Promote innovation and knowledge-sharing
– Conduct outreach and communication