The EMSODEV EGIM school is currently underway in Catania, Italy. The two day school (6th and 7th of June) for scientists and technicians is intended to provide effective training on the deployment, configuration and management of the EGIM unit, to ensure full operability in the various conditions the instrument will face in the different EMSO nodes. The event includes extensive hands-on sessions on the EGIM node setup and the management of the cyberinfrastructure.

Through the development and testing of the EGIMs – EMSO Generic Instrument Modules –, the EMSODEV project aims at ensuring accurate, consistent, comparable, regional scale, long term measurements of ocean parameters, thus increasing the interoperability of EMSO nodes and improving the efficiency of the EMSO research infrastructure.
The school is primarily designed to address the current key challenge for these aspirations, which is to bring the modules from test scenarios to the actual varied settings they will operate in, evaluating their effectiveness in situ.

Find the agenda of the school here.