From 10th to 12th of October, during the Sea Tech Week 2018 in Brest (France), EMSO ERIC, JERICO-RI and AtlantOS are jointly proposing a 3-day workshop for technical and scientific staff, aiming to increase the level of marine observation practices.

The workshop is part of an international effort to improve the interoperability technologies for sharing ocean instruments, and to harmonize the practices among teams and users of the various marine observation devices and systems.

The event will focus on:
● Sensor Web Enablement implementation
● Cabled coastal observatories operations
● Metrology of dissolved oxygen, pCO2 and pH in marine environment
● Dissolved oxygen and temperature: seafloor and water column data, from sensor to users.

Pre-registrations are open on the following link: Registration Form.
The deadline for pre-registration is wednesday 5 September 2018.

Find the detailed programme and all the information about the event here.

A press release with further information by Ifremer can be found here.