EMSO ERIC will be at the 2018 Agu Fall Meeting, which will be held in Washington D.C. from 10th to 14th December.

In particular, on 11th December, the nature and objectives of EMSO ERIC will be presented at the poster session on “Enhancing the Impact of Earth and Space Sciences Through Project and Research Community Management Posters”. The poster to be shown is titled “EMSO ERIC – European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory European Research Infrastructure Consortium Management a distributed marine Research Infrastructure for improving scientific services and social demands based on environmental multidisciplinary high-resolution and high-quality data”. The poster abstract and list of authors can be found here.

This year’s AGU Fall meeting will focus on ethics, diversity, inclusion and, more broadly, on exploration of the many dimensions of science’s impact on society; it will also be a special edition, for the meeting itself serves as the launch of the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) centennial. The aim of the event is to prepare the global Earth and Space science community to address the next scientific challenges by making a commitment to creating ethical, inclusive and diverse work environments.

To celebrate the 100 years of activity of the Union, special events, sessions, and engagement opportunities are planned. Among them, there will be:
– Thematic poster sessions – specific topics fall within the broad categories: Science Nexus, Earth Interior, Earth Covering and Beyond Earth;
– a wide range of networking opportunities;
– scientific workshops;
– tutorial talks;
– public events around Washington D.C.;
– field trips to locations of geological interest.

Finally, to mark the official start of AGU’S Centennial, on the last day of the meeting there will be the Centennial Plenary, where a series of presentations will set the basis for a discussion about the future of Earth and Space science.

All the information about the meeting can be found at this website.
Check here for registration info and here for a detailed program of the event.