“Advances in ocean biological observations – sustained system for deep-ocean meroplankton” is a foresight workshop to be held in Aveiro, Portugal from 27th to 29th May 2019.

The workshop is organized by Euromarine in collaboration with CSIC and EMSO partner Ifremer. Its aims are “to review state-of-the-art instrumentation available for plankton observations in shallow and deep waters, and develop a strategy to implement technological innovations for in-situ observations that can be combined with biophysical oceanographic modelling, to provide accurate, reliable and cost-efficient data for deep-sea realms”.

The ultimate goal is to foster the advancement of knowledge on invertebrate larval distributions, in order to improve model predictions of connectivity and resilience of benthic communities to natural and human impacts.

The workshop will focus on the following three major themes:

  • Knowledge advances in deep-sea larval diversity and distribution: key challenges and priorities
  • Recent developments in plankton observation technology and approaches (e.g. autonomous systems, image analysis, and -omics)
  • Data integration and oceanographic modelling

Deadline for registration is 30 April.

More details at the event webpage.