The Discovery of the Unknown Planet: The Ocean is a special issue of the Frontiers in Marine Science with an emphasis on “Deep-Sea Environments and Ecology” and “Ocean Observation”, promoted by EMSO ERIC.

This initiative seeks contributions, from the main actors who observe and study the world’s oceans to better understand the processes that occur there, and that globally affects the Earth system. All this within the frame of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Developments. Participation is open to relevant scientific and technological contributions with an integrated and interdisciplinary approach.

The specific themes to address include:

  • International and European strategy
  • Worldwide recent and ongoing infrastructure programmes
  • Relevant scientific and technology results
  • Best practices, data quality control and data FAIRness
  • Conclusions with the present and future perspectives.

Read for the Research Topic details and discover how to contribute to it.

The submission deadline is the 16th of April.

Guest Editors Paolo Favali, Juanjo Dañobeitia, Bruce M Howe and Henry Ruhl