EMSO ERIC is glad to announce that the registration and call for abstracts for the EMSO Time Series Conference 2021, “Observing Ocean Sound”, open today, 9th of June. The conference will be held in hybrid mode in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain, from 20-22 October 2021.

The conference is set up as a three-day event. On the first day, the plenary session aims to gather eminent scientists of the Ocean Science Community to discuss the latest challenges in the field and share advancements in detecting and monitoring underwater sounds. The last two days will be dedicated to training sessions on methods for the acquisition of ocean sound, for the production of ocean noise time-series, and generating a greater understanding of the role played by particle velocity in ocean observation. Moreover, the trainers will also teach processing techniques for discovering what can be heard, and whether the sounds are of natural or anthropogenic origin.

Indeed, underwater sound plays an important role in ocean observation and can provide information for the assessment of marine mammal populations, detection of fish reproduction areas, detection of greenhouse gas seeps from pipelines and deep-sea carbon storage, gasification of methane clathrates, adverse meteorological conditions, detection of low-frequency seismic events, ice-cracking, ocean basin sound-velocity tomography and acoustic communication.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, register your participation and submit your abstract at:



Important dates:

9th June 2021: Registration opens
9th June 2021: Call for abstracts open
15th July 2021: Call for abstracts closed
19th August 2021: Notification of acceptance of contributions
20th September 2021: Deadline for sponsorship package subscription
20th September 2021: On-site attendee registration closes
29th September 2021: Deadline for poster submission
10th October 2021: On-line attendee registration closes
20th October 2021: Conference opening