The workshop that will take place in Naples, Italy, on October 6th and 7th, aims at exploring a common path to improve the level of coordination and to start an integration process of the multiple national infrastructures and initiatives to promote the role of Italian organizations in the European marine research framework. The workshop could represent the starting point of this process of fostering synergies and complementarity among the several Italian initiatives, contributing to a 4-D vision of the ocean. To pursue this common path, the workshop wants to point out possible gaps and find possible solutions that stronger synergies could fill.

The first day of the workshop is dedicated to checking the status and the progress of the Italian facilities already in EMSO and the other ones under the Joint Research Unit (JRU) EMSO Italy, together with the status of the infrastructural projects and other ongoing projects of interest for the JRU.

The second day is dedicated to a discussion on how to improve synergies and integration at the national level among different initiatives.

The workshop is part of the activities of the JRU EMSO Italy and all the Italian marine infrastructures, entities, and projects are involved in this workshop.