INGV and EMSO, as proud member of the Friends of United Nations World Oceans Day (FOWOD), are glad to invite you to the upcoming event “Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani: Conoscere, Comprendere, Convivere” organized on June 8th to celebrate World Oceans Day (WOD).

The 2023 WOD theme “Planet Ocean: the tides are changing” puts the ocean at first place stating the need to join forces of decision-makers, scientists, private sector executives, civil society representatives, indigenous communities, celebrities and youth activists and more to raise awareness on the status of our oceans.

The event is organized along three days of science and art, and aims at immersing the participants in an extraordinary experience to create links with the natural environment, learn more about the oceans and understand how to contribute to its preservation.

Specifically, thanks to the participation of experts who are engaged in studying and protecting this extraordinary resource at a national and international level, we will discuss together the vulnerability of the ocean and we will discover the importance that it has for maintaining Earth’s life.

The “Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani: Conoscere, Comprendere, Convivere” will be held at the meaningful context of the Santa Severa’s Castle, located along the Tyrrhenian coast in the north of Rome, Italy.

Full program here.
More details to join this amazing event will be out soon.

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