Roundtable organized by EMSO

on the occasion of

World Oceans Day: Knowing, Understanding, Living Together

Santa Severa’s Castle (Italy)

June 8th, 4.30 PM (local time)


EMSO ERIC is organizing a roundtable about ocean acidification on June 8th, 4.30 PM (local time) on the occasion of World Oceans Day. The meeting The risks of ocean acidification, between challenges and solutions to change course will introduce the participants to the key role that the oceans play in life on Earth (oxygen production, carbon dioxide capture and resources and energy source). National and international scientific and technical experts will take stock of the biological, environmental and social effects that ocean acidification is causing, further risks, exploring terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and discuss solutions that science, technology, society and different stakeholders involved are already taking measures to mitigate this distressing phenomenon.



Juanjo Dañobeitia, General Director of EMSO ERIC

Marco Galeotti, MSc in Physics and Programme and Industry relations Officer, EMSO

ERIC, Roma

Marco Oliverio, Professor of Zoology, Head of Department of Biology and Biotechnologies

“Charles Darwin”, Sapienza University of Rome

Vanessa Cardin, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental

Geophysics – OGS, Trieste

Jaume Piera, Coordinator of European Projects Minke (Horizon 2020) and Aneris (Horizon

Europe), Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), Barcelona, Spain


Marco Motta, science journalist and host of Radio3 Scienza


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Live streaming:

The session will be preceded by the inauguration of World Oceans Day at 4 PM (local time) and will also be available online (at the same link) with institutional greetings and introduction by Pietro Tidei, Mayor of Santa Marinella, Flavio Enei, Archaeologist, Director of the Civic Museum Pole of Santa
Marinella (Municipality of Santa Marinella), Massimo Chiappini, Director of the INGV Department and Juanjo Dañobeitia, General Director of EMSO ERIC.

The roundtable is part of the event “World Oceans Day: Knowing, Understanding, Living Together” that INGV and EMSO, as proud member of Friends of United Nations World Oceans Day, are organizing for celebrating the importance of the Ocean in the spectacular setting of Santa Severa’s Castle with its Museum of the Sea and Ancient Navigation.

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