The EU-funded eRImote project, in which EMSO ERIC is participating, is the first to look at solutions for digital and remote service delivery in all areas of Research Infrastrutures (RIs), seeking transferable practices and new developments that will improve the accessibility and resilience of RIs. While collecting the existing practices and processes, eRImote will also explore new solutions through defined use cases to develop and test their implementation in different RIs.

With this on-line survey, eRImote aims to describe the current state of digital and remote access and service provision in RIs, and identify their best practices, bottlenecks and challenges, as experienced by the service providers and users.

The survey consists of only four open questions, with estimated response time of 10 min. Both service providers and users of digital and remote access services are warmly welcome to respond the survey.

You can respond to the survey from this link.

The answers of the survey will be anonymized and pooled together for analysis. The results of the survey will be published on the eRImote website in autumn 2023.

Please respond to the survey by 30th September, 2023.