Twenty-five people from various entities of the Metrology for Integrated marine maNagement and Knowledge-transfer nEtwork – MINKE Project consortium met in Milan, Italy, on January 22nd and 23rd to participate in a workshop focused on strategy and business development led by the University of Bicocca.

Elisabetta Marafoti, a professor of the Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures, led the session. The session provided an opportunity for the different partners to work on collective alignment regarding the project’s vision, mission, and values, as well as defining its business strategy for creating a network that combines metrology, calibration, and citizen science within the European landscape.

During the sessions, there was an exploration of how infrastructure creation projects carry out support analyses for the strategy; this included examining key trends (social economics, societal and cultural, regulatory, and technological), market forces (segments, demand, potential user issues, costs, revenues, etc.), macroeconomic forces (global market, capital, economic infrastructure, etc.), and industry forces (suppliers, stakeholders, competitors, new entries, substitute products, and services).

Participants had the opportunity to exchange notes and aspirations for the final stretch of the project during moments of collective building, as well as to strengthen networking relationships even during informal moments.

This workshop is part of Work Package 4, “Networking and Engagement with Stakeholders”, in which EMSO is deeply involved together with the National Research Council for the establishment and implementation of all the task activities, aimed at identifying opportunities for engagement in the network.

An online session will soon be held to conclude the work on the business model plan.

To learn more about the MINKE, visit the project website.

More details on the projects in which EMSO ERIC is involved are available here.