We are thrilled to announce the MINKE EU satellite event as part of the UN Ocean Decade Conference 2024. “A dialogue between stakeholders of the ocean observation community identifying common priorities and challenges to respond to global objectives 2030″ will take place at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona, located in the heart of Barcelona. Scheduled for April 8th at 4 PM, this event brings together experts, researchers, and stakeholders to focus on enhancing the quality and accessibility of oceanographic data. Admission is free, and while registration for the Ocean Decade event is not required, attendees must register to attend this event.

The event is designed to address the shared challenges and priorities of the ocean observation community and aim to achieve the ambitious global objectives set for 2030. It will spotlight the importance of data accessibility, accuracy, and interoperability across the various facets of oceanographic research and observation. Discussions will range from the intricacies of research infrastructure to the technological advancements in oceanographic vessels, emphasizing the critical role of data in advancing ocean science and management.

Highlighting the event are presentations on two significant projects: the MINKE and Med-SHIP projects. These initiatives represent the forefront of efforts to improve oceanographic data quality and monitoring. The MINKE Project, with its innovative approach to data quality through Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs), and the Med-SHIP project, focusing on the Mediterranean Sea’s physical and biogeochemical changes, exemplify the collaborative spirit and scientific excellence that the Ocean Decade 2024 aims to promote.

Join us at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona for this insightful and inspiring event, and be a part of shaping the future of ocean conservation!