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On Friday, 1 March 2024 at 12 noon (CET), there will be a Question & Answer session for interested applicants for the 1st Geo-INQUIRE Transnational Access Call to European research infrastructures.


Please register here for this one-hour session to receive the dial-in data.


Geo-INQUIRE (Geosphere INfrastructures for QUestions into Integrated REsearch) is a European project that fosters excellent, interdisciplinary and curiosity-driven research of the solid Earth, including land-sea-atmosphere interfaces.

The access to unique high-level installations and experiments provided through Geo-INQUIRE is free of charge for the selected users and includes all costs necessary to perform the proposed research, such as equipment, support staff at the installation, consumables, training for external users and others. Certain installations provide financial travel and subsistence support for the users to visit the installation. To understand if this type of support is available at the installation of choice and under which conditions, users must contact the installation prior to the application. Other scientific fields will also be considered, if the proposed projects are feasible and relevant for the Geo-INQUIRE research topics. Information about the capabilities and research topics of each individual installation are described at the Geo-INQUIRE website.

Geo-INQUIRE is welcoming applications from researchers, technicians, students and other specialists working in the fields of research covered by the installations until 15 March 2024. Application for access should be submitted online through the Geo-INQUIRE website!

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