IFREMER and MARUM have deployed off the Nice Airport the so-called KATERINA station hosting sea water sensors.

The successful connection of the station to the EMSO-Ligure-Nice cabled observatory allowed remote configuration of the monitoring system so that in situ data are now effectively accessible in real time in MARUM, Bremen, more than 1000 km away.

The deployment of the KATERINA station and sensors occurred from August 20 to 23, 2019 in the frame of the EMSO-Link project which granted Transnational Access to MARUM as a service provided by the EMSO ERIC. Deployment operations at sea were carried out from the R/V L’Europe as part of the FLUID3D-2 cruise and the ANR-MODAL project. The support of divers from IFREMER was key to achieve cable deployments and underwater operations as required to connect the KATERINA station to a junction box of the EMSO-Ligure-Nice cabled observatory.

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Videos of the deployment: link1, link2.