The 32nd International Research Ship Operators (IRSO) Meeting will take place in Hobart, Australia, on October 7-11, 2019.
EMSO Technology Officer Giuseppe Magnifico will be there and give a talk titled “EMSO ERIC – European large-scale Research Infrastructure delivering key harmonized environmental marine data (EOVS)”. The talk is scheduled on Thursday 10th October at 8:35.

IRSO forum is a group of research ship operators representing 49 organisations from 30 countries who manage over 100 of the world’s leading marine scientific research vessels. The annual IRSO meeting is aimed at sharing information among the IRSO members and solve problems of mutual interest to better support the marine scientific community’s research efforts at sea.

Main topics and objectives of this year’s meeting agenda include:

  • Best practice design and operation of research ships and associated scientific equipment
  • The exchange of ship time and equipment between countries
  • Benchmarking and co-operation in support of marine research
  • Developments in national research fleets

All information about the meeting can be found here.