Registrations are now open for the 4th ICOS Science Conference, which will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 15th to 17th September 2020. The overarching topic is “Knowledge for shaping the future – understanding the Earth’s biogeochemical processes”, and the conference is organised around the following eight themes:

  • Vulnerability of the carbon cycle
  • Urban observations and detection of human emissions
  • Fluxes at the land-ocean-atmosphere continuum
  • Innovation and uncertainty in observation techniques
  • Carbon exchange between atmosphere and reservoirs with long-term storage potential – research, monitoring and verification
  • Budgets, trends, and controls of GHG and other atmospheric constituents
  • Bridging remote sensing and in situ measurements of GHG and related observations
  • Education tools and methods

19 April: Abstract submission closes
19 July: Standard registration ends

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