EMSO ERIC Director-General, Juanjo Dañobeitia, will participate in the Forum Mondial de la Mer – Bizerte which will take place on 15th July. This year’s conference theme is “What about the sea, in the world that comes after?”,

Since its creation, the ambition of this forum is to bring together, once a year, in the southern coast of the Mediterranean, the most committed personalities for a sustainable maritime development, not only from the economic, scientific, sporting and cultural world, but also from NGOs, foundations, the private sector, international organizations, and local authorities. Many topics will be thoroughly discussed, such as: “Rethinking and bluing capitalism”, “What governance for biodiversity?”, “Entrepreneurship at sea”.

Pascal Lamy, President of the mission Healthy Ocean from the European Commission, will chair this exceptional edition that due to the current health crisis will be held in videoconference format.

Juanjo Dañobeitia will be a panelist in one of three workshops planned for the event – “Workshop1: Entrepreneurship at sea: forecasting, transparency and accessibility in the Mediterranean”.

Find here all the event’s detailed information and the link for the registration.