During 15-20 June 2020 the periodic maintenance campaign was performed for the EMSO-EUXINUS SYSTEMS, part of the Black Sea node from EMSO ERIC.

Three offshore buoys were recovered on board of Mare Nigrum vessel for detailed checks and replacement of anchor lines and sensors that presented malfunctions. After verifications and regular operations, they were redeployed on the water in the initial positions. The sea floor systems were also recovered on board of the ship, using an acoustic releaser.  After the completion of the specific periodic maintenance operations, they were redeployed on the seabed.

Periodic maintenance operations are carried out according to an established plan and recommended by the integrator, following the international standards in the field. The scope of these maintenance cruises, besides standard operation for checking the integrity of the system, is cleaning of the buoy, ancillary system and sensor. All these operations are aimed at keeping the system online and guaranteeing the data quality.

The aim of EMSO-EUXINUS infrastructure, part of the EMSO ERIC, is to provide long-term data to understand the unique environment of the Black Sea.