We are happy to announce that the EMSO ERIC Annual Report 2021 is now available!

The report highlights the activity and the substantial advancements achieved by EMSO in 2021, with a special focus on the launch of new EMSO ERIC services despite the difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, in spite of all the restrictions and difficulties, EMSO ERIC has been able to rapidly adapt to the global challenges with extraordinary results in terms of advancements in the standardisation of high-quality data and access to the infrastructure.

The report contains an overview of the most relevant events of 2021, starting with the finalization of the EMSO ERIC Gender Equality Strategy, which embeds a concrete plan of action to promote gender balance in accordance with the Horizon Europe regulations.

The significant growth of EMSO ERIC with the joining of Norway as a new Member Country, represented by the Research Council of Norway, and with three new facilities, Western Mediterranean Sea (CNR/IAS, Italy), South Adriatic Sea (OGS, Italy) and Cretan Sea (HCMR, Greece), managed to make 2021 a very productive year in the EMSO history.

The document describes the activities of the Regional Facilities, from the Arctic in the North Atlantic across the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, and the relevant actions within the framework of the European projects in which EMSO ERIC is currently involved.

Read the full Annual Report 2021 here.