We are glad to announce that the EMSO ERIC Annual Report 2022 is now available!

The document reports the EMSO ERIC’s activities and accomplishments during the year 2022, providing an overview of the relevant advances of consolidation of its path of services and operations deployment in the European landscape.

Among the main core activities, the launch of the first call for Physical Access has been particularly successful, to promote the access of prestigious Research centres, Universities and SMEs from all over Europe to the EMSO Regional Facilities’ by granting funds to facilitate and co-finance the use of infrastructures.

A major step forward was also taken in the data harmonization aimed at providing high-quality data and metadata in line with the FAIR principles. EMSO ERIC integrated data services into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) improving the connection of the EMSO ERIC’s data repositories and services to it.

Furthermore, last year the first EMSO ERIC Gender Equality Plan was published. It embeds a precise plan of action to promote gender balance, aimed at implementing the planned recommendations both internally to the EMSO organization and externally, in the main international initiatives and projects in which the ERIC participates.

The launch of the first issue of the EMSO External Newsletter marked a great step forward that was also taken in communication, with the aim of promoting innovation, knowledge-sharing and dissemination beyond the Consortium framework, reaching a wider group of audiences much broader.

Finally, the document describes the variety of activities of the Regional Facilities, from the Arctic in the North Atlantic across the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, and the relevant actions within the framework of the European projects in which EMSO ERIC participates.

Read the full Annual Report 2022 here