Simo Cusi, EMSO ERIC Engineering and Logistics Officer, presented the AQUARIUS project and our Consortium infrastructures offered for access for this EU project in a workshop on EU-funded Marine Robotics and Applications (EMRA’24), organised by the Italian National Research Council (INM-CNR).

The three-day workshop took place in Arenzano, Italy, on 27-29 May 2024, with 86 registered attendees and 24 project presentations, an opening session focused on R&I needs of stakeholders, and a closing round table about possible paths to increase synergies between different funding programmes.

For the future, the EMSO community may explore how far marine robotics could be taken onboard the infrastructure. Anyone interested? Please contact Simo in the EMSO Central Management Office.

EMRA is a meeting point for marine robotics engineers but also for different stakeholders interested in automated ways to monitor the ocean. This was a great opportunity to promote AQUARIUS in front of a more specialised audience, including to industry.

Read more about the project and EMSO involvement here.