On 3rd -4th April 2024, AMRIT project partners met for our Kick Off Meeting hosted in Brussels by JPI Oceans. But AMRIT is more than just a project! AMRIT is a commitment to advancing European ocean observing systems in alignment with EOOS 2023-2027 Strategy.

The European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) is the foundation of European ocean knowledge. The core Marine Research Infrastructures (MRIs) focused on ocean observing (EMSO, EURO-ARGO and ICOS ERICs; EuroFleets+, EuroGoShip, GROOM RI, JERICO RI and MINKE as INFRA projects) are the main providers of in situ ocean data for the EOOS and Copernicus, and the primary managers of instrumental capacity supporting fundamental research.
These MRIs are aware that the lack of effective cross coordination prevents them from fully supporting frontier research, while the lack of integration makes it difficult to reach a critical mass for EOOS and results in significant cost duplication.
Accordingly, AMRIT gathers these MRIs together with OceanOPS/WMO international coordination experience with the objective to:
• ensure seamless operation of marine observation platforms;
• ensure the full nominal use of sensors and accelerate their evolution;
• exploit the complementarity of the various observation platforms;
• ensure the overall coherence of the ocean data value chain.

To achieve these objectives, AMRIT will design and implement an EOOS Technical
Support Centre (EOOS TSC) to establish:
• a fully integrated information service across the data value chain from early planning stages to final delivery to users;
• a cross-platform fully standardised data acquisition methodology for Essential Ocean Variables;
• a collaborative federal structure to operate these services, relying on the ERIs and their members.

The EOOS TSC will be the cornerstone in establishing and maintaining the EOOS, upon which European ocean observing can be strengthened in the coming decades.

AMRIT will provide a catalyst for the development and consolidation of MRIs throughout Europe, providing a benchmark for operational coordination and collaboration. AMRIT will advance EOOS in line with its 2023-2027 Strategy and beyond, and the European Commission’s ambitions for sharing responsibility in ocean observing across Europe.

Led by ARMINES, AMRIT is made up of 24 participants from 11 EU member states working together to ADVANCE MARNE RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES TOGETHER. As AMRIT evolves and delivers, EMSO-ERIC will host a dedicated event to disseminate AMRIT outputs during major meetings of the marine community.

The AMRIT Website will be launching soon but you can stay connected with us through our social media channels for the latest news and updates. Join us as we shape the future of marine research infrastructure in Europe and follow us on @amrit_eu

EMSO involvement:
EMSO will assist in the development of a monitoring dashboard for EOOS performance and capabilities. EMSO will contribute by streamlining information flows from EOOS metadata nodes to the federated performance monitoring dashboard and connecting coastal observing systems metadata nodes to the central system, aiming to report and map these connections. EMSO will also support the development of tools to facilitate information sharing and integration of operations, including the implementation of a notification center. Furthermore, EMSO will play a role in developing a community platform to manage open-source tools and providing training for Marine Research Infrastructure operators on EOOS tools and services. Finally, EMSO will contribute to the organizational development of the EOOS Technical Support Centre’s federal structure and lead the organization of a high-level dissemination event at a major meeting of the European and international marine community to share the project’s main outcome. EMSO is involved in the project, in strict collaboration with CNR, CNRS, OGS, PLOCAN, and UIB, which participate as affiliated entities of the ERIC.

HORIZON-INFRA-2023-DEV-01 – Project Number – 101132013
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Source Cordis Fact Sheet

Author: Felicity Donnelly, Marine Institute / SmartBay