We are pleased to welcome Clarissa Bondi, a master’s student in Electronic Engineering for Health and Environment from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, to the EMSO ERIC team. During her internship, Clarissa will contribute to various engineering and logistics tasks.

Currently enrolled in her first year of the Master’s program, Clarissa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, with a thesis project titled “Design and Implementation of a Dynamic CO2 Monitoring System in green areas with sensors through drone”, focused on the development of a functional diagnostic and predictive system to ensure the authenticity of a Carbon Credit Certificate associated with protected green areas. The system, which included sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and volatile organic compounds, was designed by Clarissa and was installed on a drone to perform flying routines and map the study area.

In her upcoming internship months at EMSO ERIC, Clarissa will be involved in developing the foundations of an inventory that will be shared by all EMSO Regional Facilities. The inventory will include platforms and sensors from all facilities and will allow the EMSO Engineering and Logistics group to have a better control over all available assets; allowing for example to share equipment or plan for joint shipments of sensors for calibration. 

Aside of that, Clarissa will get involved in the European Project GEORGE, to get familiar with new sensors and technologies that will be used for CO2 monitoring in the ocean, complementing this way her knowledge acquired during the elaboration of her thesis and deepening in the knowledge on sensors and platforms used for ocean monitoring. Clarissa will learn about the EGIM and its evolution planned in GEORGE and will help define some criteria for Technological Readiness Level (TRL) evaluation for the project’s platforms and sensors.   


“I believe this internship at EMSO will be a fantastic opportunity for growth and a chance to engage in interesting and fulfilling work, enriching both my personal and professional journey”.