The Iliad Hackathon 2024 is set to bring together interdisciplinary teams to innovate digital tools and create digital twins of the ocean. This initiative aims to advance sustainable ocean management by integrating diverse data sources. Participants will work on themes such as digital twins in action, fusing GenAI with digital twins, and ensuring interoperability. The event features a hybrid format with online and onsite components, culminating in an award ceremony. Registration is open to all skill levels, from programmers to UI/UX designers.

The Iliad hackathon will take place in two stages. To facilitate and support the online team work, a series of educational webinars are included. A physical hackathon will take place on 11 and 12 September 2024 in Oslo, Norway. 

For more details, visit Iliad Hackathon.


Author: Marco Galeotti, EMSO ERIC