Busy schedule ahead for EMSO ERIC, which is going to participate in three events during the next couple of weeks.

The first one, in chronological order, is the ESFRI Workshop titled “Monitoring of RIs, periodic update of Landmarks, use of KPIs”, which is currently taking place in Milan and will last until tomorrow, 20/11/18. Following the ESFRI Pilot Periodic Review Exercise with 4 ESFRI Landmarks performed in 2017, the workshop focuses on addressing the need to develop a proper methodology for the periodic update on the State of Play of ESFRI Landmarks and to foster their long-term sustainability.
Juan Jose Dañobeitia, EMSO ERIC Director General, will give a presentation tomorrow about the central aspects for success of Ris in the long run.
The agenda of the workshop can be found here.
The entire event can be followed in streaming on the ESFRI youtube channel.

The second event is the 3rd ERIC FORUM, which will be hosted by LifeWatch ERIC in Sevilla, Spain, from 27th to 29th November.

Finally, the “Evolving and Sustaining Ocean Best Practices Workshop II” will take place at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris from 4th to 6th December. The workshop’s expected outcomes are the production of:
– Recommendations for best practice creation and uptake
– Recommendations for further system development/implementation
– Options for governance and sustainability

A draft agenda of the event can be downloaded here.